The Story

Welcome new readers! First and foremost, this comic is MA15+ for mature audiences, coz swears, bloods and later boobs, so consider it NSFW!

Synopsis: Mara was supposed to die. Instead she finds herself in a world she had only ever read about - a world of fantasy, magic and adventure. However, she is magically attached to a powerful tome of spells, and completely unaware of the dangers of this new world. Stumbling across allies and enemies, Mara begins her journey to find the Lorekeepers, the mages her tome belongs to, and get some answers.

The Creator

Kryspix is an artist, writer, LARPER and gamer. Hailing from the most isolated city on the planet (Perth, Australia), Kryspix has degrees in games design and animation, but sadly the industry is lacking in jobs. Kryspix likes cats, Simpsons quotes and a whole lot of nerdy activities.