Mara / 27 / 166cm / Human

Mara is a princess from another world, called upon in a botched summoning by a Lorekeeper mage from Laitera. But something went wrong with the summoning, and now she's in a whole lot of trouble. For starters, she's now magically attached to a Lorekeeper tome...

San'zir / 28 / 175cm / Goblin

1 of 67 (known) bastard children of the current Goblin Emperor Monn'tir, and the only one acknowledged with a royal title (of sorts). A rare druid, prized by the Emperor as a tool of war. Really doesn't want to deal with this shit, and when his life starts to turn upside down, he escapes after the extremely bizarre appearance of Mara...

??? /??? / 184cm / Harpy?

Mysterious angry apparent male harpy caged in the Magnificent Menagerie.

Minor Characters

King Edmund of Borenia, Mara's father. Giant asshole.

Mysterious druid senpai who probably won't be explained for a while

Emperor Monn'tir Rahnson of Mearia. Current leader of the Goblins. Crazy asshole.

Crown Prince Lan'tir Monnson of Mearia. Only legitimate heir of the Emperor. Angry and jealous of his bastard brother, San'zir.