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Still making sure there's no horns. Seems he's a bit famous. Or infamous. also LOVED designing the dresses for the goblin nobles

So its November 1 here, but all my social media is full of Halloween stuff (time zone fun). I was thinking of doing a halloween drawing, but I have very conflicted feelings about it. Growing up in Australia, Halloween was NOT DONE. however the last 5 years or so the shops have been really pushing halloween onto people. as a larper, i adore the idea of dressing up. but i hate drinking, which is all that happens at the handful of halloween parties ive attended. im stuck between the thoughts of childhood 'halloween is NOT DONE' and adult 'i wanna dress up'. no invites to parties this year anyways (and with broken foot, cant go anywhere) and at the end of the day, ive never had an enjoyable halloween experience. maybe one day if i ever get to have kids of my own. and maybe next year ill draw something when the characters are a bit better fleshed out. anyways, if it IS still Halloween where you are, I do hope you are having fun :)

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