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Chapter 03 Page 88

And with that, Chapter 3 comes to a close. Soul Bound will resume September 2! I will be posting some fanart Tuesday.

Break info dump

In the meantime, there is now a Soul Bound Shop! Go to my StoreEnvy page and you can purchase a book that contains Chapters 0-2!

You can also donate to my Patreon! For as little as $1 a month (thats right, the cost of a single chocolate bar) you could support this comic that I put my heart and soul into.

Health update:

This year has been something of a roller coaster health wise. Frozen shoulders, a bulging disk in my spine, potential arthritis and dysthymia are all contributing to make drawing just that bit more difficult. There’s not really anything I can do about any of these things, so Im just trucking along.

Upcoming Events:

I’m gonna be a bridesmaid early October, and then Im going to Melbourne for a week at the end of October for PAXAUS and a holiday week.

To sum it up:

Thank you to everyone who follows, reads, comments and generally just make me feel like Im doing something right with Soul Bound. I really appreciate all the positivity Ive been getting. :) Feel free to let me know your thoughts, ideas for fun mini comics, and see you all in 3 weeks!

I finally put Soul Bound on TWC! There is a new incentive, of my original vague idea of the Soul Bound cast


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